Daily Writing Prompts


  • Find a place that is meaningful to you, a place that gives you the feels! If you’re traveling, go to a place that pulls you.
  • Create a ritual for yourself to set the intention. It can be a big dramatic naked-in-the-woods kind of ritual. Or you can just write yourself a note. This is your initiation!
  • Use colors. Include the sights and sounds. Include your feelings and sensations. How will you create an imprint of this moment? Get creative!


  • Sit with your journal. Close your eyes. Breathe. Which part of your body immediately calls to you? Does it ache? Is it heavy? Is it feeling pleasure? Listen to what it has to say. Write it down.
  • Write a letter to that part of your body. How has your relationship been? How would you like your relationship to be? You can start with something like "I know we haven't been in touch for a while but..."
  • Treat that part of your body. What kind of adventure can you have with that part of you? For example: if it's your skin, what would your skin like today? A swim in the sea? A green juice? A hug? A massage? Go out and get it. Or stay in and create it for yourself.


  • Today we're going nature bathing. Where are you now? What is the natural abode that calls you? Can you go there? To do this, take only what is needed. Please leave your phone behind, if possible. Or shut it off.
  • Find a secluded spot. You must be completely alone. Ask for permission from the place to enter, to engage. (I feel this is most important in forests because a forest is a tight-knit home for the trees and the wildlife. You are the guest).
  • Close your eyes and trust that you can communicate. Use only your thoughts, energy, and senses. You don't need to say anything. Use your senses. Touch. Smell. Listen but with your heart not just your ears.
  • As you begin to sync with the energy of the place, the experience will flow in the way that it is meant to. Don't force anything. Allow whatever wants to come through you to come through. Simply bathe. When you're done, you will know.
  • Now go back to your journal. What did you exprience? What messages did you receive? How did your body react?


  • It's time to be real with yourself. It's time to put down your shield. Your sheild can be reasoning that no longer serves you. Self-sacrifice. An old limiting story. A need to always be strong. A fear of falling apart or of hurting beyong your capacity. Or any means that you use to bypass the pain to keep yourself "whole". Maybe you just "don't have time" to feel!
  • What hurts the most? What are you sheilding yourself against? Is it an emotional storm? Is it an uncomfortable conversation? Is it a fragile part of yourself you keep pushing away? Maybe it's time to admit it. Can you write it down?
  • Go out and observe, wherever you are. What's vulnerable? A look on someone's face. A hungry animal. A child hoping, waiting, for attention from an adult. How much vulnerability can you "catch" in your environment?


  • You might be carrying an untended wound or trauma, past or present. Your beautiful heart might be broken. What hurts? Can you name it?
  • Would you be open to describe it here in your journal? If writing out the scenes or events is too heavy for you, you can just write disjointed words. Or simply start with "I feel..."
  • Good. Now, put your hand on your heart and go into meditation. Gently, lovingly, ask what that hurt needs. Once you're done, record it in your journal. Can you think of ways to give yourself what you need? You might actually have to ask for help :)


  • If you're going through a spiritual emergency, can you name what is breaking down or what has has already broken down? What are the feelings that accompany this? Fear? Abandonment? Uncertainty? Shame?
  • There's a lot of power in owning your ground zero. Often, it's the most terrifying place. Here's something you can try: Go out for a long walk. Look for a location that feels like your ground zero or represents it. Can you feel the energy of something ending, something dying? Can you stay with it? Can you let it rock you? You could also have a friend with you that you trust to hold space for you.
  • Through the difficulty, can you feel into what new opening or new way of being will now be possible for you?


  • This should be fun! Find a sage, a guru, a wise woman...it could simply be your grandparent. Or a friend of yours who has a profound perspective on things. It could be your elderly neighbor who smokes 12 packs of cigarettes by noon and has had an affair with a dictator back in the day.
  • Ask them about forgiveness. If you wish, you can relate to them what you wish to forgive.
  • Now take the one thing that stood out to you from what they said in your conversation. Write it in your journal. Frame it. Decorate it. Use colors. Stick things. Rip things. With your artistic self, express that piece of wisdom.


  • Go to a public place today and observe people. How keenly can you tap into their emotional field, their state of mind? Try writing quick character sketches of them. What can you tell about their lives just by looking at them? Can you try to feel their story?
  • This might be a hard one. Can you call someone with whom you completely disagree and have a cup of coffee with them? See if you can empathize with your polar opposite. They could have different religious, political, or social views than you. Or their mannerisms might be ticking you off. How can you empathize with this person? A fun thing you can do is write down your dialogue in your journal later (or during but that would be weird). What stands out? Is it funny? Does it trigger you? Can you see any blind spots?
  • Think of a time when you needed empathy and did not recieve it. Can you travel back to that time and give it to yourself? In you journal, write down what you would say to yourself.


  • Wherever you are or wherever you are going, can you write a list of the things you are curious about? They can be important things like political views or silly things like animal sounds and how differently they are expressed in different countries (creates hilarious conversation, I promise you!)
  • As tourists we take from the land when we visit somewhere. We do pay money that helps that country's economy, but is that enough? What if we could offer something else to the land, to the community, as conscious beings planting seeds of love? Can you think of something you can give? Example: Sticking post-its with positive messages in public bathrooms.

DAY 10

  • What have you found out about yourself that you didn't know through this adventure?
  • Would you like to try your hand at poetry? Describe your spiritual self right now in any style of poetry that appeals to you.
  • Do a vision page. Meditate and ask your inner guidance what it would like you to become in the next 5 years? Then, when it feels right, when it feels delicious right there in your gut or heart, write your vision as if nothing can stop you or block you. How does it make you feel? What tiny step can you take today toward that version of you?

DAY 11

  • As we started, let's end. Can you create a closing ceremony, ritual, moment for this experience? What place calls to you? How big or small do you want to make it?
  • What gem did you find in this adventure? There is always a gem. Honor it in your journal.
  • Are there any places or people you want to revisit that you've seen/met in this experience? Do you want to share something, offer something, or express gratitude? Suggestion: Rip out a page from your journal and write a thoughful handwritten note to that person. You can even bury a message in the Earth in the place where you close your adventure.