DAY 11 / Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici - Creativity Unleashed: How to Access Your Unique Creative Power

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Amber Kuileimailani (Ku-ee-lay-my-lawn-knee) Bonnici is an Intuitive Creativity Coach and Creative Business Mentor. Amber helps women access their creative power and supports creatives (authors, artists, teachers, healers & creative business owners) get their message and work out into the world through her live retreats and yearlong coaching programs. Amber is Host of the Woman Unleashed Retreats, an online event that gathers tens of thousands of women each year. Amber supports her online global community of 25,000+ women to spread their creative gifts throughout the world. When she’s not teaching or coaching, you’ll find her on the Big Island of Hawai’i painting, dancing hula or hanging with her husband and boys. Learn what she's up to at