DAY 10 / Osama Natto - Manifesting Desires Through Colorful Planning

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Osama is a business architect, early stage seed funder, and start-up specialist. He specializes in designing modular, growth-based, sustainable models by transforming complex challenges into structured methodological processes. Osama has built a methodology and set the structure needed to transform young men and women from students or employees to founders or co-founders in start-ups driven by innovation. Osama offers a strong track record of building structures and systems out of chaos and bringing seemingly-unrelated elements together to achieve a greater goal. While working with thousands of people, Osama discovered a pattern that lead to failure, thus he stepped down from managing businesses to work in a lab with a select number of team members to develop tools that redirect the energy of young men and women from failure to success. One of the products that came out of the lab is Visualizing the Invisible: a visual, self-executed, guided experience to discover the inner self and lead it a brighter life. Osama is known for his entrepreneurship-focused articles, international public speaking appearances, and ambitious, proactive attitude.